Thursday, March 24, 2011

updating blog during BEL class..=)

hey all.. oke.. i'm updating this blog during my BEl 311 class where i'm suppose to do an essay in one of the web given by my lecture but instead i choose to update my blog here.. haha.. playing hide and seek with my lecturer.. hehe.. keep on typing but for something that totally prohibited.. i wonder what happen if he saw me typing this blog..

oke.. felt really bored actually.. i have nothing to do and i'm not interested in doing that essay coz i've done that before in part 1.. that what u have to faces when u have the same lecturer for 2 semester... keep asking to do the same thing.. luckily he did not teach us when we part 2.. or else we have to do it for 3 semester.. hahaha... but we really love this lecturer even if he ask us to do so many thing in class..

i got nothing to type now and tired of hiding this tab when he came closer to me.. hehe.. so c u around when i updated again.. owh.. pray fior me 4 my test this friday....

oke.. i c u when i c u..

bel 311 class( Lingua Lab 2)
11.22 a.m

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