Monday, March 28, 2011

in memory of Dino...='(

will be missing you...

wondering y i'm posting new entry 2day??
just to inform that my beloved cat has gone forever..
he died this afternoon after suffering the effect from leg operation recently...

i felt really sad coz he has been in the family for about 4 years..
and now, there no more cat at my house coz he is the only cat after Miaw died about 2 years ago.. i wonder what it feel to not having him around when i be home for semester break ..

i've so much memory with this cat..
and i think he is the best cat i ever have..
i be missing him really much.. coz the whole family love him as he is a cute and smart cat.. but, the times have come for him to go forever..
and i would try my best to let go..
it would better for him as he already suffering for almost 1 months now..
and i don't want he suffer anymore..
Allah know best y He took Dino life..
and i will be okay with it..

so, that the end of this entry.. special tribute to my beloved cat..
Dino.. i loves u so much.. and thanx for be a wonderful cat for me and my family.. please pray to Allah to keep my family safe and protected from any problems..

in memory of Dino..
August 2007- March 2011..

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