Thursday, March 8, 2012

goodbye Chuck and Sarah..='(


hey guys.. today i want to dedicate this entry to CHUCK tv series which i love so much.. it's sad to see the series end coz i want to see them more.. i miss them already.. huhu..

these are the people that have made the series turn to be great.. gud job guys!!=)

the cutest couple ever CHUCK & SARAH always..

the greatest spy couple.. 

the last season of chuck.. 

last scene between them for the last season..

the place where everything begins..

5 great years and 5 great seasons with them.. full of colours, tears, joy, happy and sad moments. i wonder if there any spy series like this after this.. hope there will be a surprise in chuck.. who knows maybe they decide to do a come back??.. we never know.. =).. i miss the aggressive and protective Sarah and the nerd and innocent Chuck.. nasib la diorang still together even lepas sarah hilang ingatn.. full of drama..

itu je entry special utk chuck.. long live chucks.. thanx for entertain us..=)

lots of luv,
12.23 p.m