Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bad News 4 me..='(


hye all.. oke.. now, i felt a bit bored because i did't have mood to study or doing anything else.. what happen 2 me this week?? hmm.. come.. i'll tell u what happen 2 me.. oke.,. on monday. i receive a very bad news about my cat Dino.. he in the very worse condition rite now, that morning, my sis sms me n said that Dino are diagnose to have diabetic and i thought that it's oke because he always receive treatment in the clinic and it will be oke sometimes but actually i'm totally wrong as i thought he only got a normal treatment for his leg as it become swollen and there a wound in it.. that night when i'm doing my assignment.. my sis sms me again and said that dino condition are getting worse and when i called her, she tell me that Dino leg had to be cut because of the infection.. i end up crying on the phone because i thought it just a normal treatment but actually he has to undergo a 2 hour operation..

i've seen him suffer enough last week but now he must felt more worse.. i can bare to think about him rite now, coz i felt really sad.. i did know if i have enough courage to look at his condition when i'm back for along wedding next week.. i just love him so much coz he very close to me and i'm the one who always feed and bath him.. he must be in so much pain rite now.. and i can't imagine him without his leg.. i hope he would have enough spirit to survive because we all love him so much no matter in what condition he be..

what ever would happen next, i just pray to Allah to make me strong to accept any news whether it's bad or good because i only think about him and i did't want to make him more suffer than what he felt now..

please pray 4 Dino..
1.30 a.m

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