Monday, March 28, 2011

in memory of Dino...='(

will be missing you...

wondering y i'm posting new entry 2day??
just to inform that my beloved cat has gone forever..
he died this afternoon after suffering the effect from leg operation recently...

i felt really sad coz he has been in the family for about 4 years..
and now, there no more cat at my house coz he is the only cat after Miaw died about 2 years ago.. i wonder what it feel to not having him around when i be home for semester break ..

i've so much memory with this cat..
and i think he is the best cat i ever have..
i be missing him really much.. coz the whole family love him as he is a cute and smart cat.. but, the times have come for him to go forever..
and i would try my best to let go..
it would better for him as he already suffering for almost 1 months now..
and i don't want he suffer anymore..
Allah know best y He took Dino life..
and i will be okay with it..

so, that the end of this entry.. special tribute to my beloved cat..
Dino.. i loves u so much.. and thanx for be a wonderful cat for me and my family.. please pray to Allah to keep my family safe and protected from any problems..

in memory of Dino..
August 2007- March 2011..

Thursday, March 24, 2011

updating blog during BEL class..=)

hey all.. oke.. i'm updating this blog during my BEl 311 class where i'm suppose to do an essay in one of the web given by my lecture but instead i choose to update my blog here.. haha.. playing hide and seek with my lecturer.. hehe.. keep on typing but for something that totally prohibited.. i wonder what happen if he saw me typing this blog..

oke.. felt really bored actually.. i have nothing to do and i'm not interested in doing that essay coz i've done that before in part 1.. that what u have to faces when u have the same lecturer for 2 semester... keep asking to do the same thing.. luckily he did not teach us when we part 2.. or else we have to do it for 3 semester.. hahaha... but we really love this lecturer even if he ask us to do so many thing in class..

i got nothing to type now and tired of hiding this tab when he came closer to me.. hehe.. so c u around when i updated again.. owh.. pray fior me 4 my test this friday....

oke.. i c u when i c u..

bel 311 class( Lingua Lab 2)
11.22 a.m

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

wedding Along =)

hye all..

oke.. new updated about me.. along has officially become somebody wife now on Friday.. so, now kt rumah 2 just tinggal mak n abah jeq la.. sunyi sgt da umah 2.. dgn Dino yang blm fully recover agy.. hmm.. kalo blik uma pasni mst bosan la.. haha..x de org nk berborak.. haha.. ape la.. mcm along duk jauh jeq an.. pdhl uma kt tngkak juge.. hehe.. tp the felling is different when she's at home.. walaupn kalo ade pn asek nk bergadoh jeq.. tp that makes the house become more merrier.. haha

sorry la.. gmbar utk wedding blm blh upload kt sni sbb blm ade lagi.. nti da ade akan di upload oke.. agk oke la wedding hari 2 coz x hujan.. mse angah kwen dulu hujan lebat sgt.. time along ni mjlis da nk abes bru strt ujan 2pn x lebat.. oke.. now i got 2 brother in law.. haha.. mcm2 la.. after this my brother plak.. nth bile la nk kwen 2.. haha.. katenye nk bia ktorg sume rehat puas2 dulu.. haha.. klakar la plk...

about aqil.. wah, bdk tecik 2 da nmpk org da.. asek nk suh org pegang dy jeq.. ish.. mngade betol.. muke da mkin tembam.. haha.. geram btl ngn dy 2.. rase nk cubit2 jeq.. haha.. da pndai senyum2.. hehe.. chumel.. xpe2.. nti cuti blh men ngn dy puas2.. haha..

oke.. that the new updated bout myself.. quite bz this days with test and assignment.. wish me luck oke.. hehe.. need 2 catch up with many thing now.. felt stress already.. the final exam are coming on their way this 20/4.. haa.. not much time left for me 2 study.. huhu..

bye for now..

i c u when i c u..

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bad News 4 me..='(


hye all.. oke.. now, i felt a bit bored because i did't have mood to study or doing anything else.. what happen 2 me this week?? hmm.. come.. i'll tell u what happen 2 me.. oke.,. on monday. i receive a very bad news about my cat Dino.. he in the very worse condition rite now, that morning, my sis sms me n said that Dino are diagnose to have diabetic and i thought that it's oke because he always receive treatment in the clinic and it will be oke sometimes but actually i'm totally wrong as i thought he only got a normal treatment for his leg as it become swollen and there a wound in it.. that night when i'm doing my assignment.. my sis sms me again and said that dino condition are getting worse and when i called her, she tell me that Dino leg had to be cut because of the infection.. i end up crying on the phone because i thought it just a normal treatment but actually he has to undergo a 2 hour operation..

i've seen him suffer enough last week but now he must felt more worse.. i can bare to think about him rite now, coz i felt really sad.. i did know if i have enough courage to look at his condition when i'm back for along wedding next week.. i just love him so much coz he very close to me and i'm the one who always feed and bath him.. he must be in so much pain rite now.. and i can't imagine him without his leg.. i hope he would have enough spirit to survive because we all love him so much no matter in what condition he be..

what ever would happen next, i just pray to Allah to make me strong to accept any news whether it's bad or good because i only think about him and i did't want to make him more suffer than what he felt now..

please pray 4 Dino..
1.30 a.m