Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm turning 19????


i'm turning 19???? hmm.. thanx a lot to those who wish me today.. really appreciate those wishes.. thanx to fatimah, kak atul and mim 4 the bufday surprise mlm td.. thanx 4 the cute cup cake.. hehe.. walupn xde kek.. cup cake pn jd la.. hentam suda.. aand also to kak syida and kak kila yg setia menunggu ak habis solat smlm..walaupun projek nk kua p mkn x jd tp still ok la.. hehe.. agk terharu skit la coz this is my first time smbut bufday kt uitm ni.. and it turn out to be the best bufday coz ak slalunye smbut bufday kt umah but its different for this year.. i'm celebrating it with my friends around me.. totally new experience for me..

what i got for my 19 bufday??? i got a little cute cup cake from fatimah n kak atul and also a small mickey pillow from kak nekmah.. hehe.. thanx a lot for those present guys.. thanx also to maxis and celcom for giving me the free call.. hehe.. dpt gk la call kwn2 yg da lme mghilang.. hehe.. sronok gile ari ni.. happy jeq.. hehe.. hati berbunge2 jeq.. tp ptg td prsaan 2 agk tercalar sedikit bile mngenangkan sesuatu.. but its ok.. i hope things will be better after this.. i'm still waiting for that moments..

mybe no bufday celebration with my family for this year but i'm still happy with it.. i'm turning 19.. and that means my responsibility has become more bigger..i have to study even harder.. no more time to fool around.. i'm getting one year older every year,, so.. i have to act suit with my more childish mood.. really though ok..

i have another responsibility instead of just study.. but i have to make thing back to normal and that is the biggest things that i have to face.. i have to.. now or never.. so.. whether i like it or not it my duty to change it..

so.. happy 19th bufday syida.. may all your dreams come true.. may Allah bless u always and have a happy life.. may u become even stronger to face the future.. be a better person for yourself and your family.. always remember that u have to work hard for the decision that u have made.. aja2 syida.. u can do it.. yeah!!!.ok.. that it for this entry.. see u in the next entry..

p/s: epy becoming bufday to tuntiara hamim @ yaya.. my besh fren.. hope all ur dreams come true and may our friendship last 4 eva.. Amin.. thanx 4 everything!!!

lot of love...

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