Sunday, July 11, 2010

am i happy???


mcm2 da jd spnjg 2 minggu kt uitm ni.. yg happy,bosan,sedih,sume ada.. hmm.. mcm2 rintangan rupanye dlm hidup ni.. hopefully ak dpt la hadapi sume dugaan ni dengan penuh tabah ye..

this last 2 week has been very tough for me coz i face a lot of problem and it make me feel really down at that time.. but i felt very lucky coz i have my friends here who has been really supportive and concern about me..

hmm.. juz nk share a bit bout my problem.. mslhnye bermula apabila mak call menyatakan bahawa aku berjaya dlm interview SPA 4 staff nurse.. and like what i've mention before aku mmg x nk SPA tu lagi2 nurse tu mmg la xde dlm angan2 aku pn.. maybe some of u might thought i'm crazy for not accept that offer but as i said before i really not into those kind of work.. but still the issue here is that's what my parents want coz they think that it's a good offer and i will get a job as a nurse after i finish 3 years of studies.. and because of that offer i'm facing some problem not only with my parents but also with my second sis.. it sure make me really sad coz this prob has become very big issue and it out to be more worse.. you might think why don't i juz said it out loud to my parents about my decision but if only it was simple as that..

i feel really tense about this situation. it not easy coz i never face a very serious prob like this as it has become a family matter.. if only my family can understand how in felt right now.. i juz don't want this problem to become more worse and i want thing to be back like normal as soon as possible because i felt really guilty towards my family for not fulfill their wish.. i tried to stand on my two feet right now as i have made up my mind that i will continue my diploma and follow my dream by doing something that i really enjoy instead of doing something that i don't like.. i might look a bit selfish but it is wrong to let your decision be heard.. i juz don't want to regret it in the future.. i really hope Allah will help in what ever decision that i make after this because i'm taking a lot of risk by choosing this path.. i have to show to my family that i can success in life even if i'm not become a nurse..

thanks to kak syidah coz jd seorg yg sgt supportive and also open minded.. to fatimah.. thanx a lot coz da jd a very good listener and sentiase temankan ak mse ak down.. both of u means a lot 2 me.. thanx also to kak atul and mim who has become a good motivator to me.. thanx alot to all of u.. pray for my success here ok..

that it for this entry...

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yaya said...

x lame lg nk besday an,
ngah darah manes kaw ni,,,

SyIDaH SaNi said...

huhu.. darah manes bende nye..
ko ni ya.. hehe.. bufday ko pn da nk dekat da.. hehe