Thursday, May 6, 2010

really tired rite now..


hmm.. i felt really exhausted rite now.. can't really focus on wat i read.. to tired 2 stdy anything.. but the time is keep ticking.. n i don't really hve time 2 fool around.. the last paper is the toughest paper i think coz i don't really understand what i learn actually..

hmm.. wat the question b 4 this coming sunday.. i can't even answer da question my self.. huhu.. today paper make me felt really frust coz wt i stdy did not come out..i put 2 much effort 4 this paper dat y i felt like this.. huhu.. n now i need 2 stdy even harder 4 the last paper coz it the only pper left 2 help me get a better result 4 this final exam.. arghh.. wat would i do..

juz not in the mood 2 stdy rite now but still i need 2 push myself 2 do it.. now or never.. hmm.. wish me luck..

cya again after the exam.. huhu..


11.33 p.m
mood: upset,stress,frust,tired n sleepy..

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