Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the fest week of semester break..


hmm.. k.. this week is the fest week of my semester break.. yg ak rse kdg2 bosan but kdg2 besh.. nth la.. x phm ngn prsaan sndri.. hehe.. ak actually a bit kecewa ngn last paper ahd ri2.. cm pe nth.. rse nk koyak2 pn da kertas 2.. stress sgt tyme jwb dlm dewn 2.. ish3.. jgn la disbbkn paper 2 result ak jd truk.. tidak!!!!!... sgt upset gle ble kua dwn ri2.. tp x tw la.. hopefully xde la truk paper 2..

hmm.. wht can i say rite now is i juz leave it 2 god after my hard work..what eva d result will b i juz gonna accept it.. coz overall i think i'm not perform really well in this exam.. donno why i felt like that..

ok.. enough about the exam.. now let me tell about my semester break that will b 2 months n i still don have any plan 4 it.. so what can i say..its already about a week n i already went 2 jb last tuesday n went 2 melaka last wednesday.. n rite now i juz stay at home doing nothing except sitting infront of this laptop everyday,every hours n every minutes.. n i already felt bored doing the same things everyday.. huhu..

what can i say,i donno how i'm gonna get through this boring semester break n i still have 7 week 2 go before the new semester start.. haha.. i wonder what it would be for the next few week coz it's only a week n i felt bored already.. haha.. i plan 2 rearrange my bedroom but rite now i still don do anything about it.. donno when it would become a reality.. hehe..

i'm planning 2 get a couple of new novel frm popular bookstore(coz i can get discount if i buy it there.. hehe) but i still don have time 2 go there.. hehe.. arghh.. i think i become xtra lazy than usual coz everything that i plan don even works.. haha.. i wonder what had happen 2 me?? hehe..

i think that it 4 now.. i see u when i see u..
k.. nyte2..

on my bed
1.25 a.m
friday going 2b saturday..

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