Friday, January 20, 2012

a big lost for my family.. :'(


dear readers, just to inform all of u, i'm home for the semester break, but the bad news is my Along has just lost her first child early morning today due to several health issues.. she was supposed to deliver the baby this March but, Allah love the baby more,, 

i'm not quite sure the real reason but what i know is it is due to the excessive amount of protein contained in the body and cause it to be clogged in the kidney, the factor for it is lack of urine discharge. Along dah dimasukkan ke hospital for several time sebab badan dy membengkak n also high blood pressure. mungkin sbab protein yg ada dlm badan 2 x ley nk di digest n dikuarkan sbb kurang kencing. kan air kencing boleh bantu kite utk buang toksin dlm bdn..

 sepatutnye if possible about 1 week more the baby can be take out from her mother womb using operation as the size is still very small, but the baby will be a premature baby because only 7 month old. tapi it still a big risk jgk la sbb that baby maybe have some health issues.

so, maybe this is the best for Along and her husband, Allah might have prepared something more special for both of them in the future and Along has already have shares for the Akhirat. she should be proud to be able to deliver one of ahli syurga.. 

tgh hri td doctor dah induce ubat utk kuarkan baby, so maybe malam ni baru bersalin sebab td p tgk dia, dah start sakit2 sume..

i really hope she will be brave and can faced the faith that Allah has stated for her.  May she be a strong woman in the future and be able to have another baby. ameen~~

aku diberitahu yang anak along 2 baby girl, it would be great to have her in the family, but Allah know best.. 

pray the best for my sister..

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Tun said...

everything will be ok.