Saturday, December 10, 2011

in the stressful mode..=,="


hye all.. never thought that life would be this hard.. 3 more week before final exam.. argh.. a lot of thing to settle before i can sit for the exam with a peaceful mind.. haha.. peaceful sgt la kan.. i have 4 more test to go and 3 more final project and presentation 2 go.. haha.. sooo scaryyy..  May Allah bless me with to be more patient and determine to face all this.. this is the price that i have to pay as a Degree students.. more pressure and hardship to face after this.. i hope that i can be strong enough to bear with this kind of lifestyle. 

ini jadual final exam aku.. yeay.. suke sgt..=,="

 11/1/2012 - 9.00 - 12.00 (IMC 405) RABU

17/1/2012 - 2.15 - 5.15 IML 454) SELASA

18/1/2012 - 2.15 - 5.15 (IMC 403) RABU

19/1/2012 - 2.15 - 5.15 IML 402) KHAMIS

terbaik kan.. wahaha.. boleh pengsan oh.. jadual ni telah membuat kan aku x lena tido n x lalu nk makan.. wargh bikin hati dup dap dup dap.. pening memikirkan perihal assignment yg masih tunggang tebalik dan test yg cover the whole chapter yg kalo sikit tak mengapa tapi kalo dah smpai berbelas chapter amacam nk survive.. huhu..

wish me all the best for my exam.. hope to get the good result for myself and my family.. need to study harder. never give up girl.. u can do it !!!

lots of love,

Resak Apartment, Puncak Perdana
menghadap assignment n note for the test next week..

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