Sunday, July 19, 2009


hye.. it's been a while since i last updated dis blog.. quite bz lately.. huhu.. hmm.. so wat's new bout me??.. actually i already transfered 2 tun mamat las week.. hmm.. feel very weird when i rgisterd there.. like i never been there b4.. haha.. silly.. i took bm n geo class when i fest come thre.. but after a week i change 2 economy class.. don knw y.. i juz feel uneasy wit dis.. don no whetr i make a rite decision or not.. feel very neves 2 be in new clss dis monday.. n da most imprtant thing is monthly test is juz a week frm now.. so wat i'm gonna answer 4 economy paper?? me also donno.. feel like very stupid like now.. arghhhh... wan 2 knw my little scrt?? i really2 miss biology subjct.. huhu.. n now i feel like i'm doing the wrng thing by trnsfr 2 tm.. huhu.. but dat wat i do.. hmm.. so juz wish me luck 4 da coming test which i don't even prepare anythng.. arghh.. wat happen 2 me??.. y i feel like dis.. can smone tell me wat hppen 2 me??? i'm gone crazy already... help me please!!!

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yayya said...

it is bcoz bio is a very99 interesting subject,,,
compared to econs la,,