Thursday, July 30, 2009

FinaLLy I'm 18!!!

Assalamualaikum n Ola!!!..

Finally i'm turning 18 last thursday or 23 July.. i'm a big girl now who still need 2 face many things in life.. i'm glad coz god still give me an opportunity 2 still alive n got a chances 2 hve my 18 birthday which i don know if i still can hve it next year.. so,Alhamdulillah.. nothing much 4 my birthday actually.. juz bake a cake like i always do n give it 2 my frenz at school.. n also 2 pay my debt 2 mr.Rahiman.. haha.. he actually ask me 2 bake cake 4 him since last year.. but i'm glad i already pay it.. haha.. this year bufday is not as good as last year coz some of my frenz is not here wit me like always but it's ok.. n 2day i juz finish my exam.. huhu.. the economy sbject really driving me crazy.. its so hard.. i juz hve 2 accept that i failed my economy paper.. huhu.. juz hve 2 face the truth.. and the other paper is also hard.. but i hope i did well in those paper..

so that's it 4 2day entry.. got alot of work 2 do actually.. huhu.. c ya later..

p/s: 2 tuntiara hamim.. hapy bufday girl.. may u happy always n may our frenship always b bless by Allah..31 July 1991.. Allah give me a friend that will always b wit me no matter wat happen 2 me.. Thank you Allah 4 giving me a friend like her.. n also hepy 11th anniversary of our frenship..

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ur always wlcome..